History of Bottleneck Music


Elements of the original roots of Bottleneck music or Country Rap can be traced back to Woody Guthrie, according to Chuck Eddy, a music journalist and author of  he Accidental Evolution of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Although this is true, the actual birth of Bottleneck music was in 2001 and the style had continued success through 2005, Bottleneck Music or Country Rap has had an impact on mainstream country music and the music style has seen a steady increase in popularity since 2001.  This brand of music has gained so much popularity that Colt Ford sold more than 1 -1-/2 million albums with four of his songs climbing within the top 10 of the Billboard Country Music Ratings.  In 2012, Mr. Ford debuted “Declaration of Independence” and the album hit #1 on the Billboard Charts for Country that year and in 014, his album Thanks for Listening reached #1 on the Billboard Rap Chart.  As a result, Colt Ford is the only artist ever to reach #1 with albums for both Country and Country Rap.  This success has paved the road for a number of other artist debuts.  Among them are:

Apalachee Don,

Bama Boys,

Ben Coondog Tice,

Bigg Matt,

Big Smo,



Camo Collins,

Cap Bailey,

Chad Mac,

Charlie Farley,

Cypress Spring,

Danny Boone,

Demun Jones,


Dj Cannon Banyon,


Good Ol’ Boyz,



Jawga Boyz,

Johnny Cobbler,


The Kuntry Boyz,

The Lacs — Keep It Redneck and Outlaw In Me

Lenny Cooper

Mini Thin,

Moccasin Creek,

Moonshine Bandits,

Mud Digger,

Olivia Lane,


Redneck Souljers,

Ryan Upchurch and

Sarah Ross,

Sloppy Jones,

Stephen Lemmons

Sonny Bama,

Southern Country Muzik


Twang & Round,

Unkle Budd,


Young Gunner,

Since the Bottleneck / Country Rap origins in 2001, traditional Country artists such as Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins and Toby Keith have included segments of the ever popular music into their music style.

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The Beginnings of Bottleneck – Country Rap music

The  “Country Rap” music genra began in 2001 with a debut album called “Dark Days, Bright Nights” by Bubba Sparxxx and produced by “Fat Shan” Houchins.   This album was initially released independently and re-released on Interscope Records.   This music trend continued through 2005 when Cowboy Troy was introduced by Big and Rich to Country Western audiences by way of the Loco Motive album from Warner Brothers Records.  This song made Billboard #2 country album rating in 2005.  From this success, Bubba Sparxx debut a platinum album and later, Houchins created “Average Joes Entertainment featuring Colt Fort, a Country Rapper.  This sequence of events marks the inception of country “Bottleneck” rap music as the style was recognized as a separate “country music style” which influenced Country Western mainstream music.



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Welcome to the Bottleneck Band Blog!

Welcome to the Bottleneck Band music blog!   Within this blog we intend to  define and elaborate on the various kinds of Bottleneck music.

The term Bottleneck refers to home grown country folk music in a “hip-hop or Rap” mode.  This music is also known as Country Rap music.

Over the years, this blend of Country music and hip hop style rapping has grown in popularity among younger country music lovers.  This music style is also known as “hick-hop” or “rural rap”.